A prototype represents a functional but also simplified experimental model of a planned product and, in contrast to a demo-device, serves as preparation for series production. A demo-device, which should only illustrate a certain concept, is, on the other hand, simpler.

A demo-device is built from simple components to quickly demonstrate vital functions of the planned device. For quick results we often use a single-board computer (SBC) with an embedded Linux OS. Even if the demo-device as such is most of the time not suited to be developed into a prototype for final production, this approach is undeniable the fastest to get a physical visualisation of the planned product features. In addition you get valuable insights about suitable and unsuitable components and software that will aid in development of the final product.

The prototype is tested for suitability and acceptance. Accordingly, the prototype is also a major development step in the design process and can be used not only for technical clarification purposes, but also for optimizing usability and clarifying necessary content.

The team of Erfinderei has been realizing prototypes of all kinds for many years. With the existing tools, industrial contacts and experiences an implementation of complicated prototypes is possible in a timely and efficient manner.