Support for start-up-companies

Developing a completely new product, either as startup or established company is after all a journey into the unknown. The better the preparation the better the chances for success. The Erfinderei supports you on this journey as experienced technical expert.

Together with our client we develop the technical concept or test it for weak points and potential for improvement.

The next step is to develop a demo-device that represents the basic principles of the new product without the need for elaborate development work. The Erfinderei uses its many years of experience to combine different "prototype" components for optimal results.

For development of a prototype, the product definition is streamlined and requirements are precisely specified. We support you with our expertise in development of embedded systems. From electronics, software, connection to server architecture - Erfinderei can realize the best solution through our competent employees and our numerous contacts with various professionals.

We use either completely agile development processes (a to the embedded system development adapted version of SCRUM) or the more structured approach of the spiral model.