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simple webpage generator

Simple Webpage Generator

This generator fulfills the customer's wish, apart from complex content management systems, to manage a (simple) webpage with only one text file. Thus, an active web presence will be as simple as writing a letter.

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Drone Category C Approval

AC category C

Preparation of the documentation for approval of a 5 kg octocopter in the area of application (densely populated) for professional use according to the Austrian Aviation Law (LFG). Accompanying the customer through the approval process of Austro Control.

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Parkinson's pacemaker

&pic /images/pro/psm_141014.jpg "Parkinson's pacemaker prototype" PC&

A small device which makes Parkinson's patients easier to walk. This prototype has been provided with various settings for the therapist to give the best possible support for the individual patients.

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Door butler

Prototype for a housing access system within the framework of the AAL initiative.

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