The team of the Erfinderei is compiled task-specific from various experts. Each of these experts has years of experience in its field.

Thumb of Erwin Erkinger

Erwin Erkinger

Erwin can call upon 30 years of experience in developing embedded systems. He is able to conceive complex solutions from scratch, engineer development boards and prototypes and can draw upon numerous contacts for manufacturing and testing.

Key aspects: project management, embedded systems (SW/HW), safety-relevant systems, training

Thumb of Ewald Erkinger

Ewald Erkinger

Since 1970 with continuous enthusiasm as a hardware and software developer in various fields of computer engineering. Interdisciplinary thinking, interest in new techniques and methods, lively knowledge and the joy of implementing creative ideas in the development of new projects.

Key aspects: embedded systems (SW/HW), automation technology, actuating elements, mechatronics

Thumb of Thomas Happ

Thomas Happ

Thomas is a man both of words and numbers. He worked for 20 years in banking and finance and worked as a freelance copy editor for newspapers and marketing. Analytical and optimistic in nature, he sees both risk and rewards with impartial eyes.

Key aspects: UX-Design, public funding, businesplans

Thumb of Further Experts

Further Experts

The following additional experts support the team of the Erfinder on demand:

  • Expert: Management Agile SW development
  • Expert: Web Development
  • Expert: graphic and design
  • Expert: Android development